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Langogne – Haut Allier Tourist Office
Office de Tourisme de LangogneWe are happy to welcome you at the gates of the Gévaudan, Margeride, Val d’Allier, Lozère and Languedoc-Roussillon region.

The Communauté des Communes of the Haut-Allier lies at the crossroads of 3 regions (Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne) and of 3 departments (Lozère, Ardèche and Haute-Loire), but also at the crossroads of the Margeride granite, Val d’Allier basalt and Cévennes schist.

Nine communes welcome you :

Auroux, Chastanier, Cheylard l'Evêque, Fontanes, Langogne, Luc, Naussac, Rocles, St Flour-de-Mercoire.

Our territories are full of discoveries and propose a choice of :
- Leisure and relaxation
- Sports and events
- Nature and gastronomy
- Savoir-faire and heritage

A multifaceted territory

Come and discover our area, with its many different activities and landscapes, for the whole the family.

Office de Tourisme de Langogne - Haut ALlier - Lozère.

Happiness is in the fields!

The fields you will pass on your hikes, on foot, on horseback or mountain bike: 220 km of waymarked tracks, crossing the Robert Louis Stevenson (GR 70) and Régordane (GR 700) paths, as well as the GR 4.
A landscape that will surprise you during your walks, by the diversity of the Margeride's flora and wildlife.
A landscape you will fly over in a microlight plane leaving from the local aerodrome.

Office de Tourisme de Langogne - Haut ALlier - Lozère.

Happiness is in the water!

Sail on a fishing boat, a sailboat, a catamaran or a canoe over the 1,000 hectares of the Naussac Lake, go rafting or kayaking in the fabulous Haut-Allier Gorges, or discover the many fishing courses, including ‘no kill’.

Happiness is in history and legends!

The history of this area, which you will see unfolding at the Filature de Calquières museum, at the Musée d’Art Sacré, on your free visit of the age-old city of Langogne, in the ancient stones of our villages, or at the medieval castle of Luc.

Office de Tourisme de Langogne - Haut ALlier - Lozère.

Happiness is in your plate!

Maôche, flecque, manouls, coupétade, blueberries, and mushrooms... will revive your taste buds and memories. Happiness is sharing the tastes of a preserved province with your family.

Happiness is in bed!

From a yurt to a 1st class hotel, or wooden chalets, gîtes and campsites, your nights will be like your days: exceptional.

Office de Tourisme de Langogne - Haut ALlier - Lozère.

Happiness is in sharing!

Make the most of the many events that take place in the area to meet the locals and discover their savoir faire: exhibitions, classical music concerts, lectures, bread fairs, Festiv’Allier, Grand Gala Dansant d’Accordéon (Great Accordion Gala Dance), Luc Medieval Festival, Harvest Festival, regattas, triathlon...

It’s all happiness!

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